Top 5 Golf betting tips

Being one of the more popular sports, Golf has the ability to identify betting values concomitant with a thrilling strategy to follow and disciplined betting. It’s thus possible to make consistent profits betting on golf online. With the rise of online betting, golf is one where people bet on.

There are two main options that punters can opt for online betting. Firstly, PGA Tour, which is played with the odd event played in Asia or South America as a supporting act in the US. Secondly, The European Tour (ET) which is played across Continental Europe, Asia and Southern Africa. 

Best Golf Betting Strategies

The significant key to profitable sports betting is to develop a strategy that approaches and assist you to find value betting opportunities:


  1. Study General Form

, always go through the recent results in tournaments in the past which are leading up to the event. This will provide you an ocean of knowledge about the players and their insights. Try to keep updated with the results of the players you prefer to bet on. Always exclude the player who has not shown at least a glimpse of competing in at least one of the last five tournaments.  

       2. Study Course Form

Next, consider the previous course form. These, including the PGA and ET are the ways to quickly scan which player prefers a certain golf course. This will give you an insight about how and which players are comfortable in their preferences. Consequently, you will be able to put your bet on the golfer you see the utmost strategies you match with. 

       3.Study The Stats

The final statistic that is always mandatory relates to the game’s most important attribute – putting. As the old adage goes, ‘driving for the show, putting for dough’ – if your player cannot put, then he won’t win tournaments. It’s all well and good flushing the golf ball tee-to-green, but if a golfer struggles to put both rounds to round, be it due to a poor technique, then he isn’t going to win you money.

It will be easier to set a putt if a golfer misses more greens. It gives him the opportunity to chip off the green. 

       4. Avoid Inexperienced Players

Finally, always be wary of backing a player who has yet to win a trophy on the competing tour. Winning an event is highly important to the golfer as the long-term pressure of ‘keeping their card’ or playing rights ends when they win an event on tour. 

It is important to have the confidence about the work and the income is safe for a prolonged period of time assures the golfer to take more chances and work on the other aspects of the game where it is not up to the mark.

       5.Golf Betting Spreadsheet

Keeping a record of your betting is very important and brings profit in the long term. This will help you to track down the bet choices you have chosen earlier. This will help you to evaluate yourself in situations where you are instating poor decisions. 


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