Government Lottery in India

The Government Lottery has a long tradition in India. All began in 1967 when every private lottery was banned and gave absolute authority to the individual state. The Kerala State lottery, which started operations in 1967, is the first national lottery. The modern Indian lottery was born after the several Indian States quickly took the lead.

Government lotteries usually offer two styles, standard, and bumper, with separate draws. Daily tickets are sold for limited periods, and small prizes are given. Bumper lotteries happen less often, mostly on vacation, tickets are a little more costly, and jackpots are greater than ten crores. Lottery in India is incredibly popular because it’s open and the price of tickets is low.

Government Lottery in India

What is the Procedure to Buy Government Lottery Tickets?

State lottery tickets are sold and are available through lottery stores. The standard structure is for each retailer to purchase a fixed number of tickets, then sell them and retain most of their benefit. Sellers are easily found in all states where a lottery is permitted.

Any Indian player can purchase tickets for government lotteries, but only in countries where they are lottery is allowed. For instance, a Bihar person can purchase a Maharashtra government lottery ticket, not a Bihar ticket, as the Bihar Government prohibits all lottery tickets.

Invalid State Lottery Tickets

A major issue with government lotteries is that tickets can be invalid quickly, leading to numerous reports of lottery scams over the years. Today’s technology allows anyone to copy a lotto ticket precisely and to print thousands of duplicate copies.

As no government official sellers exist, consumers can be manipulated much more easily by scammers. In comparison, International online lotteries are the safest games with digital security and controlled permits.

How to Claim a Government Lottery Jackpot?

Trying to claim a national lottery prize in India will take a long time, depending on the lottery you’re playing. Many government lotteries require the completion and production of many separate documents.

Here are the steps to claim a Government Lottery Jackpot.

  • Take the application.
  • A copy of the winning ticket on both sides along with a signature.
  • 2 Passport size Photographs properly approved by the Notary.
  • A copy of the PAN card with your signature.
  • Also, the Ration card, driving license, passport, and Aadhar card with your signature are copies.

Do you have any Government Online Lottery?

Playwin was India’s first and only online government lottery. The Sikkim government authorised it, but it was forced to shut down after years of operation.

What prompted the Indian online lottery to go down remains unknown, but it eventually couldn’t keep pace with credit payments. The Playwin Lottery had 13 separate games over the years. There are no online lotteries for the government in India right now.


We hope the Indian government lotteries will aim to make their game more effective in the future. There are infinite options with many lottery websites. 

States can better track their lottery, discourage casino dependency, have cleaner ways to buy tickets, and build professional jobs. As the country starts its progress, we can see more lottery games online from the Indian government shortly.

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