How to Select a Table in Poker ?

Table selection is an extremely important part of poker. And in a way it’s really simple: find a table where you have an edge over the other players. However, there are many factors to consider before you enter a game.

When you’re playing online most of the information you need to make a correct decision can be found in the lobby. This is what you have to look for:

  • The average percentage of players who see the flop (in Hold’em and Omaha) or players who see the 4th card (in Seven-Card Stud). In Limit Hold’em games, you want at least 35% of the players seeing the flop (the higher the better).
  • The average pot size. It should be at least 12 times the size of the small blind for a Limit game to be favorable. The pot size is a reliable indicator in No Limit games as well. You want to find games with plenty of weak players since you might win their entire stack in one hand.
  • Known weak players at the table. This is something you should try to take maximum advantage of. Try to get a seat to their left and use your position to capitalize on their mistakes.
  • Type – Poker room specific which will show icons for the type of game it is, for example there might be an icon for webcam poker tables, usually there is a legend explaining the icons at the bottom of the lobby.
  • Know the players – There’s just no substitute for knowing who the bad players are. The more you play the more you’ll figure out who you can win the most money from. You will begin build a mental map of where the sources of money are, and who you want to avoid on the way. If they are, sit down and start playing some poker. Attempt to sit for their left if you can, as this will give you a positional advantage.Poker is all about taking advantage of the best opportunities you can find. A poor player makes for a fantastic opportunity.

When you’re playing live you have to study the game simply study the game and decide whether you want to play try another different table.One should also to try to play with poker pros.

Constant evaluation

The pace of a poker game is always changing and players move around a lot. As a result of this you constantly have to evaluate if the game is still good or not. If you’re playing online, check the criteria above and be very observant during the game. If you’re playing at a bad table online, you should switch even if you’re winning at the moment. Consequently you should stay in a good game even though you lost a few hands.

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