What is Video Poker in Casinos ?

What is Video Poker in Casinos ?

Video poker is popular game played in the casinos. It can also be played online. Video poker is based on five- card- draw. It requires a computerized console to play with. The console is similar to a slot machine.

The commercial viability of the Video poker could only be possible when scientific developments relating to the amalgamation of a monitor and a CPU became a feasible concept. People found the video poker game less frightening than other outdoor games like badminton etc. This is the reason why it became immensely popular in casinos. Today this game has earned a prominent place in every gaming floors of casinos houses.

The play starts by putting the money in the machine. It can also be a paper ticket duly bar coded. The ticket signifies a credit. The players then bet on one or more credits. This they do by pushing a button called deal button play video poker. After that the player is given the cards. He gets an opportunity to exchange one or more cards with new ones. The new cards are drawn from the same deck. Pay out occurs when a player or a number of players play any winning combination.

A pair of jacks is the minimum hand to start with for a pay table. Other combinations of hands of video poker are similar to that of the table poker. Hands can be two pair, flush, straight, full house, three of a kind, four of a kind, royal flush and straight flush. Straight flush is a combination of five consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. Full house means a pair and three cards of the same kind. Four of a kind means four cards whose values are same. Royal flush denotes a combination of five cards of the same suit that should include one king, one queen, one ten, one jack and one ace.

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