Poker Etiquette – 8 Rules Everyone needs to Know

Poker Etiquette – 8 Rules Everyone needs to Know

Whether you’re playing at poker at home or in a casino, there is basic poker etiquette that any player should know and follow.

  • Never Play Out of Turn

    Be systematic and play only when your turn arrives. Do not let your excitement of a having a good hand hurry your turn. Nor should you jump the gun when folding. It gives out information of the state of play to the others before they make their decision, thus confusing the action.

  • Never chat about what cards during play

    Once you have folded, avoid talking about what the outcome may have been had you stayed. It might give the other players still playing information, pertinent or otherwise of the game, which might be to the disadvantage of the game in general.

  • Never show your cards until the Showdown

    When you fold, make sure you don’t flash or flip over your cards as you toss them on to the table. Again, if players know what you fold, it’ll give them information that may change how the rest of the hand plays out. Unless you are all-in and there is no reason to show or expose your cards until the showdown.

  • Never Splash the Pot

    Never toss your bet in a big mess in the centre of the pot. That’s called Splashing the Pot, and it makes it hard to tell how much you’ve bet. A better way is just to stack your chips neatly in front of you to bet.

  • Never make String Bets

    You must declare only the bet that you are making; whether you are calling or raising right away — once you say “call,” that’s all you can do. If you’re going to raise, say raise and the amount right away.

  • Never be rude or nasty

    Never be rude even if you are having a bad day. No matter what your troubles are, you do not have the right to cuss anyone. It will win you neither the pot nor the friends.

  • If you show one, show all

    If you win a hand before the showdown and want to show your cards, you can’t just show them to the one player to your left or right, you have to turn them up for the whole table to see.

  • Always be attentive

    If it’s your turn, pay attention. It is not nice for people to keep reminding you that it’s your time to play. Keep up with the action so the game keeps moving.

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