Pop slots free chips

If you are a casino games lover, then you will love Pop Slots free chips. This is a virtual casino game that you can play on your cell phones or tablets. You can download this game on your iOS or Android devices. This game cannot be played on computer.

So, if you are a new gamer and looking for the Pop Slots free chips, then you are in the right place. However, before you start the game, you must know each and every detail. This will help you to play better and score more points, too.


This is the latest casino game by the Playstudios. The set-up of the game is very unique and is unlike any other casino game. Each of the pages is the representation of various real-life casinos in Las Vegas with different types of slot machine games. The new gamer will access the MGM Grand. You will be able to unlock other casinos as you level up.

Pop slots free chips


The In-Game Currencies

Each currency throughout the game has its own functions. The first one is Chips: the currency that is used to operate the slot machine in the game. You can get chips by using the free chip links or you can buy them with real money. 

Secondly, XP or Experience: Can be earned by spinning the slot machine or by popping the balloons that keep coming up when you are playing.

Thirdly, Loyalty Points. You will be able to redeem rewards in it  into the real- world Las Vegas

How to Get Additional Pop Slots Free Chips?

There are links present all over to get free chips. Here are some additional ways in Pop slots:

  1. Daily Bonus

Pop Slots offer daily bonuses. All you need to do is to regularly collect these daily bonuses without fail. 

  1. Time Bonus

This reward is available every 2 hours. Even though it requires a lot of dedication, it is a good way to earn those chips. 

  1. Pop Slots Email

Pop Slots sends random emails to the players for the promotion of their game. These emails also contain links for free chips. This is a good chance of getting free chips. 

  1. Tournaments

If you win the tournament, you will get huge rewards. However, even if you do not win, you will get some free chips for participating in it. 

Tips to play effectively:

To play this game and earn more rewards you must follow a few things.

  1. Conserve the Credit 

Spend your credit widely. You will not get unlimited credits to go on. Always keep some credits in the store for safety. However, if you do end up spending all your credits, you have to log in to the game on the next day. The game will give you a certain amount of credits to start with.  

  1. Bet Less

The best way to bet will be half of the maximum limit. This will enable you to play safe. By betting the half, you will be ensuring a good payout while not spending too much. This will also save you from a huge loss in case you lose the bet. 

  1. Increase Your Level

Right from the moment you start the game, your main objective must be to level up. This is because the higher your level will be, the more credits rewards you will get.



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